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I was looking for a new toy, that wasn’t a wand, because I really don’t like the look of them at all even though they are so crazy powerful, and something that is larger, though still just as strong as a bullet, because my partner and I have been finding bullets way too hard to hold after a while. They have become really hard to handle when things get messy, even the silicone ones seem to be difficult to hold and use for us. The grip just isn’t there. As I was wandering around the store checking out my options, I caught sight of an adorable rabbit shaped toy. Not your regular rabbit toy though, but an actual adorable bunny shaped toy. After closer inspection I found it to be exactly what I was after. The Cosmopolitan Flirt, is a bunny shaped clit stimulator, a perfectly shaped middle ground between a bullet and a wand, that also isn’t one of those palm held things or a just some regular old straight vibrator being dual purposed as a clit stimulator.

Luckily for me the store had a display toy I could handle and try, which made deciding on this beauty even easier! The body of the bunny is a super comfy economical grip, that is curved perfectly to sit into the centre of your (or anyone’s) palm, also on the body is the super easy, no hassle, one button control that even sticks out slightly (so it is even easier to find when you are looking at other much more important things) but not so far it is in the way, which makes controlling this sweet toy way too easy. From the body is a cute round (faceless) head that acts as a great place for fingertips to sit to direct added pressure, and although doesn’t have its own motor certainly vibrates happy with the others. From the head pokes two utterly amazing bunny ears, (both housing their own individual powerful motor!). The whole overall playful look of the Cosmo Flirt is just deadly cute, and a MUST HAVE for any babe looking for a clit stimulator!

The highlight, aside from the awesome design, is the ears; the ears are just incredible. So strong,yet so quiet and a both have a delightful curve that ensures it lines up just right regardless of who’s holding it! My partner loves using this toy on me, as much as I do! Its whisper quiet which is perfect for couples that share with other people, or even when you are stuck with a house full of relatives that you would prefer did not hear your bedroom adventures while they visit. You can position each of the ears on either side of your clit for extra entertainment or have it move about the general area. Either way it works an absolute treat! It has 3 speeds before it moves into insane patterns, with the strongest speed incredible between both ears.

Such a cheeky, yet completely functional design, I wonder why I haven’t heard more about this toy before!

It is even rechargeable, like all the best toys should be these days! With a pin charger cable that slots in easily to a USB plug… Vacay accessory!! Another added bonus is this toy has a 5 year warranty! Amazing! I’m not sure I have had a 5 year warranty on a toy before, I find it wonderful that a company would back their products for so long! You would think a toy would have to be hugely expensive to have such a warranty, but this toy wasn’t and it was cheaper than the bullet I bought recently, regardless though, you would want to pay more for it.

What I didn’t notice in store, but did at home, was that it is completely submersible! The bath after a long day just became a million times better! I might never come out! It is made of silky medical grade silicone, so body safe (and has even been dermatologically tested). It also comes in too beautiful colours – a delicious grape purple and a deep but amazing hot pink (which matches my favourite dress). Durable and attractive, this really is the answer if you are after a powerful toy that is easier to hold than a bullet, and isn’t a wand. I tell absolutely everyone I know about the Flirt, and it is such a cheeky design that it draws out the mischief in you.

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