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Sexual attraction to the legs is one of the most common types of sexual fetishism, in which the object of attraction is not the genitals. Arousal can be caused by the appearance of the foot, touching it, the taste, smell of the skin of the foot and/or toes, the movement of the fingers. A common causative agent is the smell of feet, and the fetish is often combined with an increased interest in socks and shoes. The smell of feet causes intense sexual arousal in the fetishist, and sexual intercourse can be crucial in achieving an orgasm. Unfortunately, there is an erroneous definition of foot fetish as an attraction exclusively to women’s feet. Interest in men’s feet is no less common.

So, the owners of the foot fetish are people who consider their legs sexually attractive. They get sexual pleasure from interacting with their feet (foot kissing, foot massage, some like it when their genitals are stepped on with their feet or masturbate with their feet).

People with foot-foot may even consider them a necessary part of their sexual life. However, an orgasm without using the legs in sexual contact or fantasies either does not occur or is not bright enough and does not bring proper satisfaction.


People think women’s legs are ugly, unworthy of attention, and that this is terrible.

But why? what is so bad about it, and why do people feel disgusted by it?

It’s all prejudice. It’s all a matter of taste.. one likes breasts, the other likes buttocks.. a third person’s hands.. etc.

There is no single standard as it should be. The majority imposes only an opinion that a foot fetish is a perversion … but this is not true.

Here, for example, is these photo…

Foot fetishists get sexual pleasure from licking and sniffing the feet, stimulating the genitals with the lower extremities. In addition, they like to suck and lick their toes or massage their feet before copulation.

Erotic massage of the extremities is very popular because many nerve endings are concentrated on the feet. To do this, use rosemary oil or sandalwood oil.

Certain types of BDSM are related to this fetish, for example, tickling, the effect on the feet of elevated temperatures, or cold. In addition, fetishists often press their feet on the partner’s face or stamp on his body. The latter is called trampling.

This type of fetish in modern culture is widely represented in pornographic videos. Many famous people are foot fetishists. The most famous of them today is the Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino. He invited some actresses to shoot, including because he liked their feet.


How a foot fetish appears?

No one knows whether people are born with such a fetish or acquire it during puberty. However, it can be accurately stated that in most people, it manifests itself in early childhood.

There are the following reasons for the occurrence of foot fetishism:

  • If a child regularly looks at his mother’s bare legs or even massages them, this can cause a special love for the lower extremities in the future.
  • In the puberty period, there is a hormonal surge, and teenagers begin to fantasize and think about women. They often look at the feet, as this is the most open part of the female body, and they can develop some attachment to them.
  • This tendency can occur if a person has experienced humiliation from a woman. For example, she cheated on him, hurt him, or refused to meet.
  • Plus, in the transition age, many boys want to learn as much as possible about the female body and start watching sexy feet videos.

Rules of foot fetishism

If your significant other loves a female foot fetish, then here are a few rules you should know:

  • footjob involves close contact with the legs, so do not be shy;
  • the legs should be well-groomed. A pedicure is required, and it is desirable to cover with varnish in bright colors. Also, there should be no calluses, blisters, or corns on the feet;
  • foot fetishists are very fond of tanned feet, as the skin seems velvety, and not particularly notice any flaws on the surface of the skin;
  • in addition to the fact that the feet must undergo a pedicure, then you can take special baths and go for a massage;
  • if you paint your toenails, it is better to do it in a day, as the smell from the nail polish can kill everything, and the foot fetishist will remain dissatisfied;
  • before going to bed, wear socks, but not woolen ones;
  • before the caresses of a foot fetishist, you should not wash your feet since it is the aroma of the feet that causes him excitement. You should also wash them in the morning and immediately put on shoes;
  • washing your feet loses not only the fragrance, but also the skin becomes cold, and for a foot fetishist, this is unpleasant;
  • you can decorate your legs with special bracelets and rings for your feet. This will also appeal to a foot fetishist;
  • if your partner loves when you wear stockings, it is better to be thin, with a transparent sock, then he will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of your feet.

Do not be embarrassed if you are attracted to your partner or partner’s sexy and seductive feet. You can talk about it gently, without causing misunderstandings on his or her part.

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