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Keeping The Relationship Thriving

This year has not been an easy one, for single people or couples. Many have found it difficult keeping the relationship thriving between each other. Singles have been isolated on their lonesome (if they were following social distancing of course!) Which sucks, but of course there’s always masturbation and phone sex, the physical intimacy and affection is missing of course but that’s not what this is about.

Whether you’ve been separated by land or the seas, or cooped up with your other half it’s been hell. Those being apart just wanting to tear each other’s clothes off and those living together just wanting to tear each other’s heads off, as they say the grass is always greener! Whichever side of the grass you’re on though you always need ways to spice things up and keep it entertaining, especially during isolation when there was nothing else to do!!

Long Distance:

Sex Toys! Sex Toys! Sex Toys!
I cannot stress this enough; you need to invest in a good app-controlled toy so that you can still feel connected and sexually satisfied until you can see the other person. As we all know the We-Vibe range is a top favourite for almost everyone, having quite a wide selection of toys to choose from with almost all of them having app connectivity (which is perfect!). Anywhere from a rabbit, to a couple’s vibrator that can be worn during penetrative sex, to butt plugs for either sex!

Lovense is another strong favourite, being the pioneers of the app-controlled toys, and recently hitting the shelves in our Oh Zone stores after patiently waiting! These toys have the app compatibility you need for long distance, with a built-in messaging system, being about to control the toys remotely, and being able to send cheeky pictures and voice messages, you couldn’t ask for more! But wait, some toys are also two way responsive, meaning they sync together and will interact based on what is happening to each one, you can have sex from anywhere in the world! 😉

On top of toys, you need to make sure you’ve got the communication side of things locked down, this sounds like common sense but sometimes we forget about small things like this! Being able to talk to your partner about what you’re feeling, how you’re coping, what you need from them, and what you can provide them with without stretching yourself too thin is what will make it a lasting commitment.

Send each other flowers, surprise them with Uber Eats, do the little things you can while being separated, any amount of effort is really appreciated especially in a year like this one.

Keeping The Relationship Thriving


Close contact:

I had no idea what else to call this and a “normal relationship” felt a bit weird say because realistically what is “normal” these days? Anyway, I’m rambling let’s get on with it. This can either be easier or harder, depending on how your set up as a couple, are we living together? Are we completely sick of each other yet? All those fun things.

Even if you don’t take them out, do something they enjoy, partner loves massages? Give them a massage. Partner loves reading alone in the bath? Run them the bath and run along! Do whatever works for them and you, you guys both deserve it (and they’ll probably return the favour which is great for you!).

They Are Made For Everyone

Don’t think the toys aren’t for you guys too! Keeping things fresh and fun in a face-to-face relationship is just as important, the above toys will work for you as well. If that’s not your thing you can also try new lingerie, try a kink you’ve been eyeing off but never got around to trying (NOW’S THE TIME!), buy bed restraints, buy a blindfold, buy a ball gag, do whatever works for you just add a little spice. Worst case scenario: you have a conversation of “Oh, I actually didn’t enjoy that like I thought I would”, best case scenario you’ve just found a great new thing to do together!


No matter where you are and how far you are from your partner this year has been rough and we all deserve a little treat, to go into the new year feeling loved, treasured, appreciated, and important. And if you need the same from your partner be sure to let them know, you may read this and think “how obvious!” but not everyone will feel the same. So above all else sit down and have a conversation with your partner about what you both need at this time.

bondage crop

The Enchanting Crop Review!

There are few things, in my opinion, that are better than the kiss of leather against your skin. That might not be everyone’s opinion and I am ok with that. Throughout my years and my explorations I have come across a great deal of toys and implements that I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with.


One of the classics would have to be The Riders Crop. An elegant decorative piece it is sensual as it is deadly. The downside to these elegant creatures-they occasionally break during hard scenes.


Enter Sex and Mischief’s Enchanted Crop.



Perfect For Naughty Play

Well my darling friends, its delectable  burgundy shaft is made from carbon fiber and perfect for bdsm play. Almost guaranteed to withstand even the most torturous of thrashings. The pur length of it is heaven as it slashes down through the air with an audible hiss. Even blindfolded you can tell when this bad boy is coming for you. And if you weren’t holding your breath before, with enough force, you will once the blackened tip reaches for you.


The shaft flexes beautifully upon impact, creating the perfect amount of tang and give to each stroke.


But let us not forget the sensuality this beauty will grace you. That blackened tip that can leave such a mark against the flesh also gentle caresses as gentle as a feather and soft enough to elicit gooseflesh and make promise of things yet to come.


It teases.

It builds

Hit softly.

Drag it tantalisingly.

Use it brashly.

This crop has been rigorously tested and has yet to show any bend, any fall,  or any sign that it will indeed break, snap or wish to be defeated by any surface it is tested against, with any surmountable test of strength.

Did I mention the marks? For my fellow lovers of bruises, marks and souvenirs. You will not be disappointed.


At your service,


Oh Zone Adult Stores Sales Assistant, Educator and Souvenir Accumulator.

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