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Explore Your Sexual Desire: 9 Things to Consider When Shopping for Sex

If you’ve finally decided to try and explore your sexual needs and desires, you should at least visit a sex toy store. Sex toys come in different shapes and size for both men and women, and with the inclusion of costumes, adult games, and massage oils you can add a new layer of fun to your sex life.

You may feel a little shy about your first experience with sex toys, but once you get familiar with what’s available, you’ll begin to explore your boundaries with your partner. Today, these items are not a taboo as it was the case years ago. In fact, with the passing years, they are becoming more and more popular.

Want to get the best experience when using sex toys? Here are the 9 essential things you should keep in mind.


Take Out Your Toy and Test It

When it comes to testing your new toy, it doesn’t mean sticking it up on your crotch in the middle of an Oh Zone Adult stores. Ask the consultant at the shop if you can have batteries then test it. Once you feel how the toy feels like, you’re in a better position to evaluate whether or not it’s good for your skin.

Toys come with different textures, and not all of them feel pleasant, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. Try to feel the different gears, power of vibration, and how loud it is. The consultant will also provide you with more tips on the type of https://j-galt.com/accutane-30mg/ toy you’re interested in so that you have an even greater experience.

Watch Out For the Material

It’s best to understand what the toys are made of before you stick them in your body. There are six materials sex toys are made of; silicone, jelly (rubber and PVC), hard plastic, metal, wood, and glass. Each of these materials come with their advantages and disadvantages depending on your preference.

Most dildos, for instance, are made of wood and glass and are recyclable, easy to clean, and non-porous, which makes them perfect for prostate or G-spot stimulation. Understand that different materials are maintained differently, so make sure that you inquire about care instruction and cleaning to avoid any uncomfortable movement.

Read Reviews Online

People who have already used different sex toys want to share their experiences to help others out. Such reviews provide the perfect opportunity to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using the product. When reading reviews online, sample at least five or six for a specific toy you wish to purchase.

After sampling the reviews, you’ll know the toys that are better and easy to use. This is one of the best ways to buy sex toys, especially as a newbie.

Feel the Sensation

If you wish to purchase vibrators at any of the Oh Zone Adult Shops, you should understand that not all of them are created equal. Their strength varies from soft sensation to fast and powerful to deep and rumbling. So, when picking one to suit your needs, it’s always good to know your sensitivity levels.

Before you head to a sex toy store, it’s best to know what your body can handle. For instance, when masturbating, how rough do you need to touch yourself before you can get an orgasm? If you’re the type who’s into soft and intense stimulation, you should consider products that have different levels of intensity. This way, you get to experiment all night long.

The Easy of Cleaning

Keeping your toy clean is extremely important. Understand that each toy comes with its cleaning protocol. So, if you don’t know how best to care for your toy you risk getting infections. For instance, materials such as Perspex, glass, plastic hardly absorb fluids, and you can disinfect them with water and dish soap.

It’s also best if you buy a specific cleaning spray for your toys. However, you should ask a consultant or check on the cleaning procedure on the package.

The Area of Stimulation

When shopping for sex toys, you need to know the area of stimulation. In the case of women, you should figure out whether you want an Innie or Outie. An outie stimulates your clitoris while innie refers to the vaginal canal. If you love clitoral stimulation (70% of women need the stimulation to experience orgasm), a bullet vibrator is an excellent choice.

Once you graduate from the vibrator, you can try your hands on a plus size dildo.

Size Doesn’t Matter

While a massive looking dildo may look tempting, it may not give you the orgasm you need. In fact, it can end up hurting you more than you think. It’s best to start off with the small ones then gradually work your way up.

When searching for toys, the best people to talk to consultants in the store. Their job is to educate and help you get comfortable with your sexuality. Take note that some stores may have a zero return policy. So, you shouldn’t feel shy to ask questions and gain as much information as you can.


Know Which Toy to Start Off With

You need to figure out the ideal toy to start with, especially as a beginner. Adult toys come in different types, such as dildos, strap ons, vibrators, female sex pumps, anal sex toys, and cock rings. The kind you’re going to use will depend on what you want to feel for your first time.

If you want to feel a penetrative sex toy for your first experience, you should try the jelly dildo. For those looking to prolong an erection or make it firm and full, some non-penetrative toys such as cock rings made of silicone or rubber are effective.

The Functionality of the Toy

Toys come in different sizes and shapes, with some requiring constant lubrication, while others are self-lubricating. You should be conversant with the different types of toys and their pleasure points. With such information, you can pick a toy that’s right for you.

Understand that toys with different calibrations should also feature safety features like a button to turn off even at the heat of the moment. This ensures that you don’t unintentionally end up damaging your body in any way.

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