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When this adult toy was first placed into my hands by a worker from the adult store I really thought she was just talking a lot of rubbish trying to sell me an expensive toy. She told me that out of any toy I could by in-store this product was known as the squirting machine. Not only would it give you an amazing orgasm but it is the best toy out there to have you squirting not long after the first orgasm happens. I did a little research into it to find out if she was just trying to talk it up or not.
“Toy bliss times two” was the best quote i seen said about it. And ladies lets just say this toy did not disappoint on the hype it gets!! We are talking about the womanizer duo.
This toy idea did not just come from no way. Two amazing well known companies (we-vibe & womanizer) both came up with this idea to mix two very popular and great selling toys that they have out there. The decided to mix the womanizer premium (the external attachment) & the we-vibe nova ( the internal attachment) together to create the ultimate sex toy to pleasure you. It ruins from a dual motor to give even more adventure.
The premium attachment is a clit stimulator that uses pleasure air technology to arouse you. The best way I can compare to use if you have never heard or used this type of style before is its like breathing in and back out on a consent loop. Its designed to pleasure the way oral sex would. There is no other toy out on the market that has the same technology like this. So many different companies have tried to copy its style but it is no way as good as the real thing. The premium has 12 different intensity levels to choose from. There is actually a challenge that has been set up between the woman that purchased the duo or premium to see if they can reach the highest level on this and it is actually becoming rather impossible to complete without orgasm before you get that high. The insertion part the nova is a g spot vibrating stimulator. This part has 10 types of vibrations mode that can be changed between to best suit your style. By going between both attachment you can create up to 120 different styles.
Both of these toys on there own are very satisfying so can you imagine the amount of pleasure you get with both parts put together. There is a feature added onto the toy that if you fancy only using one part or using both parts is just a little two intense for you then you can turn on and off the parts separately. Sometimes it’s nice to do this to change it up a bit or when you’re feeling too sensitive down there. The duo also comes with two sizes of heads that sit on the clit. Play around with them at first to see what size fits your clit better as all women are different shapes and sizes. They have made it that it is waterproof so it can be used in water i.e the shower or bath which makes it great for cleaning properly without any worries. It is also smart silence so there is no worrying about anyone overhearing you as it is whispering silently.
Another amazing feature you get is that if the toy is not in contact with your skin it will cut off so that you’re not wasting your charging time and even so it is easy to get rid in case someone interrupts you’re your time and you need to hide the toy immediately. They have brought a beautiful black and red colors out for this model. Red was my favorite choice as I find it very sexy. The duo is rechargeable which is always the best option i find as you can get so much power behind the toy and no messing around changing batteries. The charging time is 90 minutes and can last up to 2 hours on a full charge. The duo is made from the highest medical grade silicone which is the safest silicone that can be used with your body. It has a stylish little drawstring bag that comes along with it so after the toy is cleaned down your can store into this bag to keep clean and protected. It is very simple to control as it has an on/off button at the back of the toy. It also has another 5 buttons, two pulse and minus buttons to go through each mode for each attachment and then the last button is to go through different settling of the motions.
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I can honestly say from my experience that this is hands down the best toy I have ever used. Not only did it give me the most intense orgasm ever but it made me squirt which I have never done before. It was so intense for me it’s hard to put it into words but just total bliss and satisfaction. Because I had never squired before I was so shocked and unsure of what had actually happened until I did some googling and read the reviews about the duo and I finally click on to what I had actually done. Not going to lie it was a bit of an achievement. I would just advise putting something down to protect your bed sheets or whatever is underneath you as it can get messy. So please do not be shy or let the price put you off as any bit of money I paid was totally worth every dollar. Go and grab one as soon as you can.

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